Isle of Sin

There are three rules on Sinners Isle. 

Adalyn Rose didn’t consent. 
And the one who brought her here paid the ultimate price. 
Now she’s mine to care for. Mine to train. Mine to protect. 

A sweet little heiress with a heart of gold. 
And a body built for sin. 

She’ll kneel for me because she wants to. 
Then we’ll explore her limits. 

Assuming her past doesn’t come for us first. 
Because her world of wealth and sin is filled with dark secrets. 
Including one that may just cost me my life. 

Turns out my isle was meant to be a training ground. For her. 

I ruined the game by claiming her as mine. 
This affair of seduction and intrigue just turned into a battle of survival. 

But they made one crucial mistake. 
They brought this fight to my island. 

Welcome to Sinners Isle. 
Where dark fantasies come alive. 
Allow me to be your guide… 

Note: This is a standalone dark romance featuring a sadist who loves to play with knives and a feisty innocent who isn’t afraid to bleed.


© Copyright. All rights reserved.