About Sin Cave Publishing

It all started with a meme...

On a cold afternoon in January, Sin sent a meme to Cave. It was inappropriate and sent in jest, but it blossomed into a conversation about how fun it would be to publish dark tales under a "Sin Cave" pseudonym. The two authors, eager in their imagination, began plotting, and soon after, Sin Cave Publishing was born.

Together they've crafted a decadent playground filled with wicked intent, smoldering heroes, and sensual heroines. Each story takes them one step deeper into the underworld of corruption and immorality, but neither of them cares. It's too addicting and consuming to stop them now.

Sin Cave brings dark fantasies to life via the pens of Sin and Cave Firecox. Each story is individually written, never co-written. Some stories are novellas, others are episodes, and a few are full-length novels. All of them promise high heat and sinful treats.

Welcome to the devious world of Sin Cave Publishing. 

Happy Reading.


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