Night of Sin

Jenica Roberts 
I’m in love with my brother’s best friend. 
Cliché, I know. 
But it gets worse. 

I’m so desperate for his attention that I enrolled in his class this semester. 
He asked me to drop the course, calling it a conflict of interest. 
I said no. 

Now he’s pissed and ignoring me. But I’m not giving up. 
I’ll do whatever it takes for him to notice me—even if it means blatantly cheating on an exam. 

I’m not the innocent little girl from our youth, Professor Pierce. 
I’m a woman who knows what she wants. 
And I know how to take a punishment. 
Give me your worst. 

Logan Pierce 
This little brat is going to be the death of me. 
Tempting me in class and demanding my attention. 

I’m trying to stay away from her out of respect for her older brother—a plan that goes straight to hell after one night at Club Ecstasy. 
Now she’s more determined than ever to be mine. 
And she’s willing to risk everything to prove it. 

You’re tempting the wrong devil, sweetheart. 
I’m not the man you think you know. 
Something you’re about to learn firsthand. 
Now bend over and prepare to scream. This is going to hurt. 
Note: This is a standalone romance with a happily-ever-after ending. 


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