Scarlet Mark

A Standalone Dark Romance Novel Featuring an Assassin and his Scarlet Mark

Deceit requires punishment.
But what happens when the mark is innocent?

Killian “Dagger” Bedivere

My latest assignment has evolved into a game of deciphering whom to trust—the renowned politician who hired the Les Cavaliers de l’hombre, or the runaway bride?

She’s gorgeous, conniving, and everything I crave in a woman.

She’s also my target.

Rule number one: Never fall for the mark.

Rule number two: F*ck rule number one.

Amara “Scarlet” Rose

I never wanted this world, but the decision wasn’t mine to make. I always belonged to him. Now there’s a new player on the board—one hell-bent on destroying all my plans.

He’s lethal, handsome, and everything I should fear.

Rule number one: Don’t trust anyone.
Rule number two: Do everything you can to survive, even if it means breaking rule number one.
And rule number three: When in doubt, kill.

Author's Note: Killian and Amara’s relationship is unconventional—he’s an assassin and she’s his mark, which creates disturbing situations. This book is not recommended for those who prefer lighter romance. Killian loves his knives, in and out of the bedroom.


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