The Professional: Episode One

I don’t do second chances.
F*ck with me and you die.
End of discussion.

But Antonio Rossi did more than just mess with me. He tried to end me. Which is why I’m standing outside his precious daughter’s condo.

Arabella Rossi is his prized possession.
His ticket to sealing an expensive deal with Ricardo Amaretti.
And I’m going to take her from them.

Oh, but this is so much more than a kidnapping. This is about reformation.

I’m going to ruin daddy’s little princess.
Shatter her soul.
Make her my personal plaything.
Then return her to Antonio in pieces of her former self. 

I’ve been stalking her for over a year. Biding my time. Planning every play. And tonight, our game finally begins.

Welcome to my life, sweet girl. I can’t wait to make you bleed.


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