The Professor: Episode Three

I’ve turned my back on society’s expectations.
Taken a student lover against my faculty’s rules.
And engaged in an affair so forbidden it could destroy an empire.

When I look at Kayla Mickelson, all I see is perfection.
Oh, she has scars.
I’ve witnessed her nightmares firsthand.
But they’re nothing compared to mine.

All choices come at a cost.
And my sweet Kayla is about to pay the ultimate price.
Because a relationship born in secret can only end in disaster.

The Elite are coming.
They’ll expect us to kneel. To bleed. To beg. To adhere.
But I have no intention of bending.

Prepare yourself, Miss Mickelson.
Our future is just beginning.

Author’s Note: This is an episodic serial. Each installment is 10K–20K words and ends on a cliffhanger.


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